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Information for Adults with Albinism

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Whether this is your first interaction with others in the albinism community or whether you’ve been involved since your earliest memory, we’re glad you’re here! We’ve put together some content that we hope will be helpful to you – regardless of your age – so take a look around. Also check back from time to time because some parts will change as we highlight information about careers, personal experiences and other points of interest.


Some of us didn’t meet another person with albinism until we were much older, and some don’t remember a time when they weren’t part of the community. In either case, connecting with the albinism community can be magical. Share your experiences, ask questions, but most importantly, make connections.

Local Events

See when and where the community is gathering.


From national conference sessions to community members’ advice, see what’s happening on the NOAH YouTube channel.

Social Media

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NOAH Resources

Programs and Services

Take a look at other programs and services NOAH offers for people with albinism.

Featured Article on Jobs

Learn about how people in the albinism community decide on career as well as tips and tricks for finding jobs.

Featured Article on Vision Services

Learn about services that might be available to those with albinism.

Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome (HPS) and Chediak Higashi Syndrome (CHS)

More information regarding the symptoms and treatments for these rare types of albinism can be found at

Special Interests

Every person with albinism is intricately unique. Take a look at the following topics to see if any are of interest to you.

Featured Articles on Driving

Learn about how people in the albinism community decided to drive, or not, as well as tips and tricks for becoming a bioptic driver.

Featured Article on College

Learn about topics related to applying to college and college life.

Featured Article on Dating & Mating

It’s hard for everyone, but if you don’t drive, or if you have a unique appearance, dating and mating can be even more challenging.

Featured Article on Parenting without Pigment

How can I parent when I can’t drive my kid to soccer or ballet? How can I help my children react to the comments of their friends? Learn from others in the albinism community.

Featured Article on Aging with Albinism

As we age, suddenly we’re not sure about what’s normal and what’s not. Learn from others in the albinism community.

Information Bulletins

Would you like to know more about driving, low vision aids or resources for people with albinism? Visit the Information Bulletin page to learn about these topics and more!