Albinism Advocacy & Awareness

The Albinism Advocacy and Awareness Program provides information and services to people with albinism, their families and the public to advocate for the advancement of people with albinism. The advocacy team consists of four divisions:

  • Discrimination Advocacy Team
  • Educational Advocacy Team
  • International Albinism Awareness Day Team
  • Advocacy Policy Research Team

The teams are made up of educators, medical professionals, trained parents and experts in their fields.

For Whom is the Albinism Advocacy and Awareness Program intended?
The program provides support and resources to parents, students and adults with albinism, educators and medical professionals seeking guidance concerning educational needs, services and supports directly related to albinism.

NOAH Advocacy and Awareness Program

First Steps

There are several NOAH resources that you may find helpful to advocate for yourself or your child. Please take a moment to become familiar with these resources.

NOAH SchoolKit

The SchoolKit provides information and resources to guide parents in supporting general education teachers when a student with albinism will be in their classroom during the school year. The kit is divided into five sections with instructions and suggestions on how to use the information within it. Sections include informational sheets for teachers, documents to help guide conversations between parents and educators, and templates for student involvement in conversations and advocacy.


The Create Albinism Resource for Education project provides resource information to aid in formulating your child’s education documents (IFSP, IEP or 504 Plan). When accessing the CARE Project, you will be able to research information on grade level goals, assistive technology recommendations, Orientation & Mobility objectives and social development objectives.

NOAH Resource Library

The NOAH Resource Library contains hundreds of resources for everyone in the albinism community.

Topics include adaptive sports, employment, government resources and low vision driving! Literally from A to…. W, and with your help, to Z!


NOAH YouTube Channel

Visit NOAH’s channel to see videos from national conferences, teleconferences and other informational videos.

Have additional questions?

Contact NOAH’s Advocacy Program at