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Ethan Cohen – Editor, Albinism InSight

We want YOU for the Spring Issue of Albinism InSight

Submitting an article is a great way for you to share your knowledge and experience with the albinism community. We are looking for contributions related to:


Climate, Geography, and Albinism:

Our physical surroundings mean a lot for our personal experiences. How have temperatures, precipitation, sunlight, and other climate factors affected your experience of albinism? What unique approaches have you developed to thrive in your environment? What supportive services are unique to your area? We hope to hear from people living in a variety of regions!


Daily Living

Share your tips & tricks for getting through the everyday.


Including elementary through college, continuing education, and the workplace. Topics may include standardized testing, IEPs, extra curriculars, college entrance prep, quad living, online classes, and making friends.


Stories about people or organizations who have made a difference in the albinism community, whether through local, national or international campaigns.


What are the new devices, apps, and platforms that you’re loving in school, at home, at work, or otherwise?

Noteworthy Events

A graduation, a wedding, a birth, an award, an accomplishment or other notable achievement. 

Teen and Youth

Do you or a young person you know have a cutting edge and creative perspective to share? 


Send your submissions for the winter edition of Albinism InSight to by Wednesday, January 22nd.