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Albinism InSight

We want YOU for the Autumn Edition of Albinism InSight
Submitting an article is a great way for you to share your knowledge and experience with the albinism community. We are looking for contributions related to:
Many Shades of Albinism
There is no one way to “look” like you have albinism. Still, many of us have heard assumptions and stereotypes about our appearance and origins. For all of us, albinism intersects with other facets of our identity. How has your racial and/or ethnic identity shaped your experience of albinism? Who do you feel remains under-represented in our discussions of albinism? Please include photos to help illustrate the many shades of albinism.
Summer Days
They say people with albinism can’t go in the sun – but we are creative! Please share pictures and tales of dealing with and enjoying the summertime, however it manifests in your region!
Daily Living
Share your tips & tricks for getting through the everyday. 
Including elementary through college, continuing education, and the workplace. Topics may include standardized testing, IEPs, extra-curriculars, college entrance prep, quad living, online classes, and making friends.
Stories about people or organizations who have made a difference in the albinism community, whether through local, national or international campaigns.
What are the new devices, apps, and platforms that you’re loving in school, at home, at work, or otherwise?
Noteworthy Events
A graduation, a wedding, a birth, an award, an accomplishment or other notable achievement
Teen Talk
Do you or a teen you know have a cutting edge and creative perspective to share?  
Send your submissions for the autumn edition of Albinism InSight to by Wednesday, July 24th.


Ethan Cohen
Editor, Albinism InSight