Bowl-a-thon Resources 2019

14th Annual Bowl-a-thon

Thanks so much for participating in the 14th Annual NOAH Bowl-a-thon! The resources below will provide you with the tools you need for a successful event, but please feel free to reach out to us at if you have any concerns that aren’t covered on this page.

Thinking a different kind of fundraiser might be more your style? Check out our Spring Fundraiser Resources Page for all the tools you’ll need to host the event of your dreams!

Want to host an event but not sure where to begin? Listen to the recording from our recent Event Planning Teleconference!

Hear from NOAH Executive Director Mike McGowan along with experienced event hosts, Joni Vella and Elizabeth Drury. All three of our call hosts offer their honest, firsthand experiences with hosting an event, offering tips, tricks, and insight on what to expect as a first-time host. From finding a venue, to estimating how many people will show up, and much more, get the inside scoop on setting yourself up for success with whatever type of event you choose!

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Page Setup

Set Up Your Fundraising PageBowl-a-thon Fundraising Page Instructions

Sample Forms and Templates

Bowl-a-thon Business Solicitation Letter Template
Business Solicitation Letter Template
Bowl-a-thon Official Verification Solicitation Letter
Official Verification Solicitation Letter
Bowl-a-thon Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Money Handling Guidelines
Money Handling Guidelines
Bowl-a-thon Cash Donation Sheet
Cash Donation Receipt
Coming Soon!
Prize Forms
Donation Tracking Sheet
Donation Tracking Sheet

Other Fundraising Tools & Supplies

We make it easy to spread albinism awareness!

Fundraising Event Awareness Toolkit

Order a Fundraising Event Awareness Toolkit to share with donors the impact their gift makes on the albinism community. Each kit includes a full color 11″ x 17″ poster, 5 Albinism Awareness Business Cards and 25 informational “rack cards”.  Email to request yours today!

If you’d rather print your own materials, click below to download posters, business cards, or rack cards!

NOAH Programs Hero Poster
11x17 Poster
NOAH Programs Hero Poster
12x18 Poster
NOAH Programs Hero Poster
18x24 Poster
NOAH Programs Hero Poster
24x36 Poster
NOAH Business Cards
Business Cards
NOAH Hero Rack Cards
Rack Cards

Planning to design your own event advertising materials? Feel free to use any of these images in promotional materials for your NOAH Bowl-a-thon! Simply hover over the image and right click to save.

These files should be perfect for use in letters, fliers, postcards, etc., but if you are looking to print larger items (like posters or banners), please email and we will be happy to send you the images you wish to use in higher resolution!

14th Annual Bowl-a-thon
14th Annual Bowl-a-thonNOAH Bowl-a-thon14th Annual Bowl-a-thon
Bowl-a-thon Logo_2019Who do you bowl for?Who do you bowl for?
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