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Recommend your Doctor – Please!

Love your low vision optometrist or ophthalmologist? Indebted to your dermatologist? NOAH wants to hear about it! One of the most common requests made of NOAH is to provide the name of a doctor experienced in treating patients with albinism. In response to that request, and because of your and other members’ help, NOAH has a member-recommended list of medical professionals  experienced in treating patients with albinism.  With your continued help, this list gets longer and stronger!

Please take a moment to recommend your doctor today!

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Recommended Professionals List

If you are looking for a healthcare provider in your area who has experience with albinism, contact NOAH to see if we have anyone on our list. Please keep in mind that doctors may have moved or discontinued practice. If that is the case, please send us an email so that we can update our list.

**Please note: the recommended professionals list is based solely on member recommendations. The doctors included are not evaluated by or affiliated with NOAH, and NOAH is not able to provide doctor referrals.

TSBVI Directory of Pediatric Low Vision Service Providers 

The Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TSBVI) has launched a nationwide Directory of Pediatric Low Vision Service Providers at its website, The direct link to the Directory is

Note: The Directory is still being populated. If a low vision specialist in your area is not listed, please contact Dr. Anne Corn to get them added to the list.