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Featured Article on Jobs

Our work may play a big part in how we define ourselves. So, what kinds of jobs CAN’T a person with albinism do? Not many. Within our community, you’ll find adults with albinism succeeding as nurses, computer scientists, musicians, teachers, artists, entrepreneurs, engineers and accountants, to name a few. With the right combination of resourcefulness, determination and self-advocacy, we have the freedom to choose our own future.

Of course, challenges and questions are inevitable. Should an employer be told about a visual impairment, and if so, what do I say? What’s a “reasonable accommodation” and how do I go about requesting one? What resources are available to help me get the assistive technology I need on the job? What is Vocational Rehabilitation?

Check back often to find articles about these and other questions related to employment.

Working for a Living by Kelsey Thompson

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