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Current Team Positions Available

Albinism InSight Writer: Develops and submits content for the quarterly NOAH Albinism InSight magazine.

Albinism InSight Editor/Proofreader: Supervises and supports an editorial team of volunteers in the creation and publication of the quarterly NOAH Albinism InSight magazine. Collaborates with key members of the NOAH staff and advisors in the development, production and promotion of Albinism InSight and NOAH’s electronic educational publication NOAH Ed U, both resources of the albinism community.

National Bowl-a-thon Volunteer: Support local bowl-a-thon hosts across the country.

International Albinism Awareness Volunteer: Organize and support the NOAH International Albinism Awareness Program to educate and promote the international day of awareness.

Volunteer Coordinator: Managing, organizing and directing the NOAH Volunteer Program including the recruitment and training of volunteer staff.

Marketing and Outreach Volunteer: Access, develop and implement marketing strategies and outreach programs based on NOAH’s mission and vision and community needs.

Webinar Coordinator:
Manage and produce webinar productions for NOAH’s YouTube channel and educational programs.

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