Grandparent Connections Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the October edition of the Grandparent Connections Newsletter! Our next teleconference will take place early next month. We hope you will be able to join us to hear from our career panel of adults with albinism.

October Tip of the Month

“To be a good grandparent, you need to be a good parent”

For the October tip of the month I wanted to share this quote with you, as I thought it would resonate with the members of our group. Each family member is on their own personal journey as they learn more about albinism, and they are constantly discovering things about themselves and others. The balance of providing love, support, space, advice and guidance is one that you, as a grandparent, are always adjusting. During this month, I encourage you to reflect on your interactions with your children while on this journey. Do you feel that you’re getting enough of all the above, so that you can remain strong and healthy? Perhaps take a personal inventory on how you are taking care of yourself, and adjust if you find and places that you may need additional help. If you feel comfortable, please email me some ways that you take care of yourself and please share pictures also. Being a strong role model is one of the best things parents can give to their children, and modeling self care is very powerful.

I am so glad that you are a member of our community and if you find you need additional help in any way you are not alone. You can email me anytime at or connect to others through our Grandparent Connections Facebook group. If you’re on Facebook, please consider joining this closed group by requesting membership at NOAH – Grandparent Connections.

Photo Collage of Grandparents with their Grandchildren

Grandparent Spotlight

If you would like your family/grandchildren featured in one of our newsletters please email to tell us about your family, and share one (or more) pictures. 

Upcoming Grandparent Connections Calls 2019

We are also excited about the upcoming schedule. Please note the day and times of the calls are different.

Kris Baker, Nancy Lee, and Kristen Dalton

Tuesday, November 5th, 12:00 PM CT

Career Panel of Adults with Albinism – Kris Elliot Baker, Nancy Lee, and Kristen Dalton

This call will host a panel of adults with albinism that will share their experiences along with their career choices. If you have questions for the panel, please send them to Sheila at, and you may hear the answers as you tune-in to this call.

Kris Elliot Baker

Kris Baker is an Instructor of Music Theory and Composition at Brookhaven College School of the Arts. She is also a photographer, serving on the creative team for a large online based photography community.

Nancy Lee

Nancy Suarez Lee retired after 30 years of service in Human Resources. She holds a masters degree in human resources and is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources. Bilingual in Spanish and English, Nancy was born in New York City and is the daughter of native Puerto Rican parents. She resides in Texas with her husband, Dave. The Lees have four children and six grandchildren.

Nancy has the Hermansky Pudlak Syndrome (HPS) type of albinism. In September 2011, Nancy underwent a double lung transplant as a result of pulmonary fibrosis caused by HPS. Most recently, Nancy became a certified Zumba instructor!

Nancy serves on the board of the HPS Network and is a member of the editorial team for Albinism Insight, NOAH’s quarterly magazine.

Kristen Dalton

Kristen Dalton is a longtime NOAH member and pediatric oncology nurse practitioner. In her spare time, Kristen enjoys experimenting with makeup, renovating her 100+ year old fixer upper, and running long distances. She loves sharing her experiences growing up and living with albinism with teenagers and parents of young children.