Grandparent Connections Newsletter

Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and you are ready for an exciting 2020. We have been hard at work planning the 2020 schedule for Grandparent Connections. It is going to be a great year of community and connections.

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Photo Collage of Grandparents with their Grandchildren

Grandparent Spotlight

If you would like your family/grandchildren featured in one of our newsletters please email to tell us about your family, and share one (or more) pictures. 

January Tip of the Month: Involvement Matters!

When you increase your activity with NOAH and Grandparent Connections, your involvement helps other grandparents as much as it helps you! Sharing your own stories and questions helps the community, providing other grandparents with much-needed support and encouragement.

Ways to get involved:

  1. Add GC calls to your calendar! Check out our call schedule and put reminders on your calendar to attend. The more grandparents participating the better, and we love having experienced and inexperienced grandparents alike join us to share their experiences!
  2. Join the NOAH Grandparent Connections group and start sharing! If you’re on Facebook, the Grandparent Connections group is the perfect place to share a picture or a short story. It’s helpful and fun for everyone in the group to hear from you!
  3. Attend the NOAH Conference! Consider attending the conference this summer in Orange County, CA with your grandkids. The NOAH Conference is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to interact with other grandparents while learning valuable information. Learn more at
  4. Host a Fundraiser! Talk to your family about hosting an event or fundraising for NOAH this year. This can be a great way to celebrate albinism within your community and raise money for a great cause.
  5. Volunteer for NOAH! Have some extra time on your hands? Use it to share your talents with NOAH. The more you give, the more you get back! Learn more at or contact me at with any questions.

Grandparent Connections Schedule 2020

Shelia Adamo

Adapting to Albinism – Sheila Adamo, LCSW, CADC

Wednesday, February 19th – 12:00pm CT

Join us for a discussion with both experienced grandparents and grandparents that are new to NOAH to discuss adapting to albinism as a family. We will explore some typical emotions and fears many grandparents experience and provide strategies to help the family adjust and thrive. Grandparents with grandchildren of all ages will benefit from this call, as the process of adapting is ongoing and the support we can offer one another is invaluable.

Learn more about Sheila.

Dr. Rick Thompson

Albinism and the Eye – Dr. Rick Thompson, O.D., FAAO

Tuesday, May 19th – 8:00 pm CT

This session will provide an opportunity for you to learn all about albinism and the eye from one of our highly respected conference presenters,Dr. Rick Thompson. He will provide a brief presentation of how albinism affects the eye and he will be available for your questions.

Learn more about Dr. Thompson.

Kathi and Jill

Albinism and the Educational System – Jill Gorman and Kathi Garza

Wednesday, August 5th, 8:00 pm CT

This session will provide you with a clear understanding of the educational system and your grandchild with albinism. Jill and Kathi will outline typical services that children with albinism may need in school and cover ways that as a grandparent you can assist in the process. They will also explain the tools that they created that are accessible on the NOAH webpage ( and they will allow time for questions and discussion.

Learn more about Jill and Kathi.

Kelsey Thompson

Psychosocial Experiences of Living with Albinism – Kelsey Thompson, M.S., CRC, CCM, LCPC

Monday, October 5th, 8:00 pm CT

Join us for this call when Kelsey will outline some of the many psychosocial experiences of living with albinism. Using her personal and professional background she will discuss how adults with albinism interact with the world, how the world interacts with them, and what grandparents can do to support their kids with albinism throughout their journey.

Learn more about Kelsey.