Grandparent Connections Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

We have two wonderful calls set up this month that I highly recommend that you try to attend.  Both calls will provide a positive approach to differences and they will provide a sense of calm and hope.  Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 

sandi and madelyn collage

Grandparent Spotlight

This month we are featuring Sandi Walker and her grandchild, Madelyn. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos, Sandi!

If you would like your family/grandchildren featured in one of our newsletters please email to tell us about your family, and share one (or more) pictures.

Grandparent Connections – Upcoming Calls

Kelsey Thompson

Psychosocial Experiences of Living with Albinism – Kelsey Thompson, M.S., CRC, CCM, LCPC

Monday, October 5th, 8:00 pm CT

Join us for this call when Kelsey will outline some of the many psychosocial experiences of living with albinism. Using her personal and professional background she will discuss how adults with albinism interact with the world, how the world interacts with them, and what grandparents can do to support their kids with albinism throughout their journey.

Learn more about Kelsey.

Lighthouse Guild – Upcoming Calls

An Inspirational Journey presented by Isaac Lidsky

Mon, October 19, 2020 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM EDT​​​​​​​

This presentation is appropriate for anyone who is striving to overcome the challenges of vision loss in their lives.

In his talk, Isaac explains the powerful insight that inspired him to achieve his most ambitious dreams despite losing his sight to a blinding disease: it isn’t external circumstances, but how we perceive and respond to them, that governs our reality. For example, fear can give us tunnel vision—we fill the void of the unknown with our worst imaginings and cling to the familiar. But when we face new challenges, it’s most important for us to recognize the complexity and uncertainty of the situation, and to avoid falling prey to our emotions. Isaac’s story is not about sight or blindness, it is about vision. Our perspectives are limited by our past experiences, biases, and emotions. Lidsky explains how to confront paralyzing fears; challenge our assumptions and faulty leaps of logic; silence our inner critic; correct our misconceptions about luck, success and weakness; understand and harness our strength; embrace change and live with open hearts and minds. In sharing his hard-won insights, Lidsky shows us how we too can confront life’s trials, personally and professionally, with initiative, grace and an innovative spirit—and move forward with an empowering, new vision.

Isaac Lidsky is an American corporate speaker, entrepreneur, author.  Before losing his sight he played Weasel on NBC’s Saved by the Bell:  The New Class.  He graduated from Harvard Law School and was the first person with blindness to serve as law clerk on the Supreme Court.  He is the CEO of a construction services company and founded Hope for Vision, a non-profit that funds treatments and cures for blindness and visual impairments.