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Past Scholarship Recipients

McGowan Leadership Scholarship Award

Past Scholarship Recipients

Where are they now?

Arielle Lewis ~ 2014 Scholarship Recipient

“Since 2014, I graduated from Emory University with a BA in French Studies and from the University of Georgia with MA in French Linguistics. I am currently first year law student at Georgia State University College of Law and expect to complete the degree in May 2023! I am in the process of applying to legal summer internships. Although my schedule has drastically changed due to the law school workload, I still volunteer for NOAH and Positive Exposure (PEARLS project) as needed and have dedicated some time to Atlanta Legal Aid for pro bono. I am co-hosting NOAH Connections People with Albinism in the Legal Profession.”

McGowan Scholarship Past Recipients

2019: Where Are They Now?

We caught up with some past recipients of the Michael J. McGowan Leadership Scholarship to get an update on their lives, ask their advice for applicants, and much more! Choose a scholarship recipient below to read their interview:

Silpa Tadavarthy under Temple University BannerCharles - 2012 Scholarship RecipientArielle LewisCassandra MendezLee-Anne ThompsonElizabeth Schafer
Silpa - 2010 RecipientCharles - 2012 RecipientArielle - 2014 RecipientCassandra - 2015 RecipientLee-Anne - 2016 RecipientElizabeth - 2018 Recipient