Driving with Low Vision and Bioptics:
Gearing Up or Down

One-Day Virtual Workshop

Saturday, September 12th, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Workshop Fee: $95 per person

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This workshop is intended for low vision individuals who are considering exploring the driving privilege. Obtaining a driver’s license that requires the use of a bioptic lens system involves the cooperation and services of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals. Parents or spouses who might offer direct or indirect related services or emotional support are also encouraged to attend.

Topics & Presenters:

  • The Clinical Low Vision Examination, Tom Porter, O.D.
  • Bioptic Telescopes: The Evaluation, Prescription and Fitting, Tom Porter, O.D.
  • Pre-Driver Readiness, Chuck Huss, C.O.M.S., DRS
  • Behind-The-Wheel Training and Testing, Chad Strowmatt, LOT, CDRS
  • Getting in Charge of Getting Around: Accessing Transportation as a Non-Driver, Cindy Bachofer, PhD, CLVT
  • Finding Wheels (2nd ed.): An Updated Curriculum For Drivers & Non-Drivers with Visual Impairment For Gaining Control of Transportation Needs, Anne Corn, Ed.D., TVI
  • How A Bioptic Driving Bill Becomes Law: The Journey of Consumer Advocacy inChanging Bioptic Driving Policy,
    Matt Bailey
  • Panel Discussion / Questions & Answers