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Future Content Under Consideration

Virtual NOAHCon 2020 July 9-12, 2020 A Vision Beyond 2020

Beyond the Conference

One of the most exciting parts about using a virtual model for NOAHCon 2020 is that the conference sessions will serve as a springboard to ongoing educational content and community connections for the remainder of 2020 and beyond. While future content is still under development, below you will find a list of potential topics for post-conference presentations and interactive sessions.

Future Content Under Consideration

Presentations ~ Interactive Sessions ~ What’s Your Vision?

Possible Presentation Topics:

O & M

Introduction to Low Vision Driving

Getting in Charge of Getting Around: Accessing transportation as a non-driver

O&M Instruction and the ECC

Lions and Tigers and Bears! Early O&M from Birth to Pre-school

Educating a Child with Albinism

Preparing for the IEP Process

Implementing the IEP

Transitions to College

Home – School – Connection – Randi Ostrove

Raising a Child with Albinism

Dealing with Comments & Questions

Living with Albinism


Adaptive Sports

Mechanics of SSI, SSDI

Science and Medicine


Sun Protection

What to do When You’ve been Told Nothing Can Be Done

Why People with Albinism See Differently: A Medical Perspective

Advanced Albinism Genetics

Albinism Issues

Albinism around the world

Chat with I.K. Ero

Under the Same Sun

Possible Interactive Sessions:


Children/Family/Friends of People with Albinism Support

Dad’s Support

Mom’s Support

Parent Support

PWA Spouses/Partners Support

Multiple Diagnosis

Young Adult with Albinism Group

Women with Albinism

Men with Albinism

Aging with Albinism

Interest Groups


Many Shades of Albinism Diversity

Military Families


Adoptive Families


Doctors with albinism (includes those interested in becoming doctors)

Social Sessions

Family time


Young Adults

Adults with Albinism


Art session


What’s Your Vision?

Do you have a vision for future support forums, interest group meetings, educational sessions or social activities that would benefit the albinism community? Share your ideas today:

What’s Your Vision?