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NOAHCon 2020 Educational Program

Pre-Conference Workshops ~ Basic Conference Schedule
Sessions & Programming Highlights

Pre-Conference Workshops

(additional fee)

*please note* NOAH recommends arriving by Wednesday evening, July 8th in order to participate in pre-conference workshops.

Mother's Workshop

Mothers’ Workshop 

Thursday, July 9th ~ 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
$55 per person (includes lunch)
Space is VERY limited!
*note* childcare is not available during the Mothers’ Workshop. Please make alternative arrangements.

Whether it is your first conference or you are a conference veteran, this workshop will provide information, guidance and support for mothers of children with albinism of all ages in a fun and safe environment, providing an engaging start to the conference with new friends and an open heart and mind. 

Building Parent Connections is delighted to be partnering with NOAH to provide an opportunity for mothers of children of all ages with albinism to come together in a supportive environment to connect and empower each other as mothers and individuals. Facilitated discussions and exercises will create a fun and supportive environment where mothers will gain a deeper understanding of themselves which will empower them to be stronger, healthier and happier role models for their families. Join us for an engaging day to start the conference off with new friends and an open heart and mind.

Low Vision Driving Workshop

Driving with Low Vision and Bioptics:
Gearing Up or Down


Thursday, July 9th ~ 8:00AM – 5:00 PM
$95 per person (includes lunch)
*note* childcare is not available during the Low Vision Driving Workshop. Please make alternative arrangements.

This workshop is intended for persons with low vision who are considering exploring the driving privilege; or other alternate means of independent transportation. Obtaining a driver’s license that requires the use of a bioptic lens system involves the cooperation and services of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals. Parents or spouses who might offer direct or indirect related services or emotional support are also encouraged to attend.

Topics & Presenters:

• The Clinical Low Vision Examination, Tom Porter, O.D.

• Bioptic Telescopes: The Evaluation, Prescription and Fitting, Tom Porter, O.D.

• Pre-Driver Readiness, Chuck Huss, C.O.M.S., DRS

• Behind-The-Wheel Training and Testing, Chad Strowmatt, LOT, CDRS

• Getting in Charge of Getting Around: Accessing Transportation as a Non-Driver, Cindy Bachofer, PhD, CLVT

• Finding Wheels (2nd ed.): An Updated Curriculum For Drivers & Non-Drivers with Visual Impairment For Gaining Control of Transportation Needs, Anne Corn, Ed.D., TVI

• How A Bioptic Driving Bill Becomes Law: The Journey of Consumer Advocacy inChanging Bioptic Driving Policy,
Matt Bailey

• Panel Discussion / Questions & Answers

Basic Conference Schedule

8:00 AM – Baby Shark (pre-school program) drop-off

8:30 AM – Tiger, Hammerhead, and Great White Shark (school-aged program) drop-off

8:00 AM – Subgroup Meetings Begin

9:00 AM – Educational Programs Begin

3:10 PM – Educational Programs End

3:15 PM – Baby, Tiger, Hammerhead, and Great White Shark pick-up

3:30 PM – Extra Sessions & Subgroup Meetings Begin

5:00 PM – Optional Evening Activities Begin

Essential Educational Sessions

(included in conference registration fee)

attendees in session

Genetics of Albinism

What do People with Albinism See?

Parenting a Child with Albinism

Advocating for your Student

Parenting without Pigment

Resources for Adults with Albinism

Workplace Topics

Low Vision Driving

*please note* additional sessions will be announced in the coming months

New & Enhanced Programming Highlights for 2020 

(included in conference registration fee)

Adult – Adults with albinism will connect and network with others through informative sessions and social activities.

Career – Explore the building blocks of finding and navigating your career path with albinism.

Parents/Families – Families will expand their knowledge and community of support by bridging medical and educational information with social engagement. 

International – Raise awareness of and connect with international albinism communities.