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Toys for Young Children with Albinism

Please note: The following toy ideas were submitted by Parent Connections member, Rachel B. The toys listed are not endorsed by NOAH, and as such it is recommended that each family use their discretion in choosing toys that are appropriate for their children.

Do you have suggestions for our toy list? Submit your toy suggestions now!

Disclaimers from Rachel: 

  • You can find these on other sites besides Amazon, but Amazon provides good pictures and descriptions, so, when possible, I link to Amazon.
  • Please note the recommended minimum age for the different toys. Some are 3+ months, some 6+ months, some 2+ years, etc.!

Younger Baby

Light-Up “Rattles”

Light-Up Bath Toys

Musical Toys with Lights

Other Light-Up Toys

Tactile Toys


Light-Up Drums

Other Light-Up Toys


High-Contrast Toys

Tactile Toys