NOAH PWA Book Club

Announcing: NOAH’s PWA Book Club!

Calling all PWAs who love to read! NOAH will be hosting a PWA book club with virtual meetings on zoom every 1-2 months (depending on book length). Sign up today to join in on the fun!

Sign Up Today!

How does it work?

All PWAs (18+ years old) can join NOAH’s Book Club – simply sign up and get your hands on a copy of the current book. Depending on the length of the book, we will meet every 1-2 months in NOAH’s zoom room for a discussion facilitated by the book club member who selected the current book. Members will take turns picking the next reading selection and facilitating the discussion!

Please note: NOAH’s book club is offered free of charge, but NOAH does not provide the current reading material to participants. You must purchase or borrow the selected book to participate!

What are we reading now?

The No. 1 BESTSELLER. Contact, A Novel by Carl Sagan

by Carl Sagan

At first it seemed impossible – a radio signal that came not from Earth but from far beyond the nearest stars. But then the signal was translated, and what had been impossible became terrifying. For the signal contains the information to build a Machine that can travel to the stars. A Machine that can take a human to meet those that sent the message. They are eager to meet us: they have been watching and waiting for a long time. And now they will judge.

Join us to discuss in late June! Call information will be provided via email to book club members.