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Information for Educators


Whether you are a general education teacher, a teacher who dedicates yourself to special needs children or a person in a different part of the education system, your quest for knowledge has brought you here – Welcome! Part of our mission is to act as a conduit for accurate and authoritative information about all aspects of living with albinism, so we hope the information you find here will help you to see your student as a whole person who happens to have albinism. We also hope the information offers insight into ways you can help your student succeed.

Printed Materials for Your Students/Clients with Albinism

You can do your students/clients an invaluable service by using the printed materials offered here to refer them to a one of a kind group where they can find information and support, and get connected with a community that cares. Please use these resources to connect those you serve with people who get it and have walked in their shoes.


This supplement originated from a NOAH board member who is a retired TVI. A shortened electronic version of the full-color quarterly magazine, Albinism InSight, the supplement is geared specifically toward educators and the families they serve. Take a look at the current edition and sign up to be placed on the distribution list.

NOAH SchoolKit

The NOAH SchoolKit provides information and resources to guide parents and caregivers in supporting general education teachers when a student with albinism will be in their classroom. The kit is divided into five sections with instructions and suggestions on how to use the information within it. Sections include informational sheets for teachers, documents to help guide conversations between parents / caregivers and educators and templates for student involvement in conversations and advocacy.

Information Bulletins

Would you like to know more about assisting students with albinism or social aspects of albinism? Visit the Information Bulletin page to learn about these topics and more!

Featured Articles for Educators

Periodically we will post articles from educators on a variety of subjects. Check back often!

NOAH Books for Parents and Caregivers

We have published two books to help you and the families of the children in your care. Visit the NOAH store to learn about Raising A Child with Albinism: A Guide to the Early Years and Raising a Child with Albinism: A Guide to the School Years.

Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome (HPS) and Chediak Higashi Syndrome (CHS)

More information regarding the symptoms and treatments for these rare types of albinism can be found at