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Bowl/Spring 2020

Spring for NOAH Events & COVID-19

As the excitement of our Spring for NOAH fundraising season has recently been dampened by concerns regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), please know that NOAH truly appreciates the dedication and support shown each year by event hosts, attendees, and donors alike. While this ever-evolving situation is beginning to cause postponements and changes in events this fundraising season, we are heartened to hear of plans to reschedule to a later date, as well as creative and lively ideas to move forward virtually during this time of social distancing. Check back often for more event updates to bring the community together during these unique times. If you’d like help working through a creative fundraising idea, we invite you to reach out to the Spring for NOAH team at

For more than 37 years NOAH has changed lives. From babies to seniors, NOAH’s programs and services enrich the lives of people with albinism thanks to event hosts like you. Spring fundraisers, including our signature, 15th Annual Bowl-a-thon, are fun ways for the albinism community to come together in person locally and in spirit across the United States while raising funds for NOAH programs. Your support is crucial to NOAH!

Check out our NEW Spring for NOAH  Dashboad!

Check out our NEW Spring for NOAH Dashboard!

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